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Complete your vintage inspired projects perfectly with a coating of Americana Décor Crème Wax. Easily apply this sealer with a brush or a soft, clean rag for a protected finish. Apply sparingly to finish off your shabby chic projects beautifully with a soft, smooth and strong edge.

Waxing can create various finishing's depending on the colour and application. For a matte finish, just rub on without buffing as this will create a glossier sheen. You can use a darker coloured wax in order to create an authentic antique look however this clear wax has to be used first to avoid changing the colour intensity with the darker tones.

Seal your paint work and complete your artistic pieces with a protective layer of wax that will not only provide a strengthening coat but will also implement the final touches that will bring your designs to life.

Colour: Clear
Pot size: 8oz
Provides a protected matte or gloss finish
Do not re-apply wax and rub off excess to avoid a tacky surface
Waxes cleans easily off brushes and cloths with soap and water
Apply Clear Wax first before GOLD BROWN or DEEP BROWN
Water based and low odour

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