The Handmade Fair 19th-21st September 2014

Written by carol sykes - September 23 2014


March 08 2015

I started our red balls today! I had to get the BIG ones but they were only 2 for $5 at Walmart. I’m going to do two red birds and then three-four green slmlaer balls if I can find them. I may end up have to buy the stuffed pigs if I can’t find the balls, or I may just make the pigs from the BIG balls, too, since Walmart does have that kind. Thank you very much for sharing this! My son is thrilled! His party isn’t til April but we’ve already accomplished so much and gotten so many ideas!

March 06 2015

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I’ve just aplepid the gripper and will be painting them tomorrow for my son’s birthday party this weekend. I thought I’d pass along a small tip for those like me who don’t have an artistic bone in their body. I cut out the templates and traced around them with a Crayola marker and then eyeballed the inside lines. These markers leave plenty of room for error as you only need a damp paper towel to wipe off any mistakes. Once I got it looking how I wanted it, I traced over the Crayola with a Sharpie. After it dried, about 1 minute, I took the damp paper towel and wiped off all of the Crayola marker underneath as it will bleed into the primer paint. For me, it was a lot less stressful this way and only took a couple of minutes longer.

March 06 2015

Dear Sirs,I am about 6-8 weeks away from opening the doors on my new bnseuiss in Fort Walton Beach, FL. As the only exclusive BYOB wine and painting studio within 50 miles, I will be able to offer a fun new alternative to a night out with friends to both locals and touists in my area.I am the bnseuiss owner and, while I have SOME artistic talent, I will primarily be hiring local artists to conduct the sessions.I’m interested in exploring the possibility of developing a relationship with Social Artworking to provide painting templates and supplies for the studio.If you have any information regarding this topic or are interested in discussing it further, please contact me.(Note that my website is merely a place holder for now until additional building can be completed).Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon!Kristina Witter

September 23 2014

have tried my first design and over the moon! Always wanted to paint and hadn’t a clue where to start – especially painting onto wood, dotting tool designs are really clever – Trish

Susan Burns
September 23 2014

you were my favourite stand at the fair – so pleased you were there! Couldn’t believe you had only just launched this week!

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